The System


The WA Agi-Kleen Robotic Concrete Removal System removes concrete build-up from concrete agitators with high pressure water instead of manual jackhammers.
This time saving and innovative system eliminates the dangerous and back-breaking task of manually jackhammering hardened concrete build-up from the inside of the agitator. Even with regular washing concrete hardens and builds up on the blades and the internals of all concrete agitators.
The traditional way to remove concrete build-up from agitators is for a worker to enter the agitator and use a jackhammer. Dust, falling concrete and noise make this process dangerous at best - and fatal at worst. It is also extremely time-consuming and therefore costly to take trucks and workers out of service.




The WA Agi-Kleen System increases productivity. A standard truck can be maintenance cleaned in approximately 1½ - 2 hours - that's generally a saving of up to 6 hours per unit. The trailer based, mobile system operates on your site - it comes to you. This eliminates costly trips away from your plant.


Improved OH&S


Manual jack hammering has numerous shortcomings, namely, potentially fatal Occupational Health & Safety dangers for the worker, damage to the agitator and the risk of significant liability to all parties involved.

With the WA Agi-Kleen System, an operator stands on a protected observation platform and manoeuvres a cleaning boom inside the agitator, with the aid of a wireless remote control.

The patented torpedo designed nozzle safely removes dead concrete from standard agitator interiors - without damaging the internals, blades or exterior paint work.




There are no chemicals used in the cleaning process - only water which is recycled into concrete manufacturing.