Services available

De-dagging - The primary service provided by WA Agi-Kleen. We use a robotic water blasting system to Safely remove concrete from the inside of Agitator bowls. A recent development in our working method has us using an infrared camera to determine the location of concrete build ups improving our efficiency.12079624_1660288410921928_4630053725568935941_n The cold spots represent where the concrete has built up making it easier to track and subsequently blast off.



Infrared Camera 

While its main function is for concrete location, our infrared camera is very good at finding hot spots in and on other pieces of on site equipment, which could turn into serious problems.  


Thickness testing

WA Agi-kleen provides ultrasonic thickness testing post blasting to check the quality of the Bowl. We can also check anything else you have on site.